About us


We are an award winning Disability Confident Employer, a Living Wage certified employer and an Equal Opportunities employer based in Swansea, South Wales (UK).

We are a registered social enterprise, manufacturing world class textile products with traditional sewn flag making as our core revenue stream, which is also the foundation for our exclusive in-house Eight Stage Training programme and the lead into to a Level 2 Apprenticeship. 

Our experience in manufacturing and training sewing superpower skills underpins our ambition to deliver ROOF to the market for the benefit of the people who need it the most.

The end goal is to give those who want a better life the tools to make a change.  For those who have become trapped in the cycle of homelessness this is a rare opportunity to self rehabilitate and train towards full time sustainable employment.

​Particular focus is given to women with children and teenagers not in education, employment or training to gain employment with us including the following roles:

  • pattern cutters

  • quality control

  • machinists

  • trim finishers

  • post room, back office, admin, IT, marketing and more.
    Employees earn a stable income which then makes them eligible for secure housing and the platform on which to gain back their independence for themselves and for their families. 



  • build on an in house developed and established training scheme which leads to rehabilitation, manufacturing standard skills, experience and employment

  • run a workshop combining training and rehabilitation of all people, particularly women with children in shelters and temporary accommodation, and those previously marginalised from mainstream routes to employment

  • generate revenue through sales of product b2b and b2c, is NOT grant reliant and is an independent business making World Class product to order

  • have developed a sustainable transferable business model to be shared with other communities nationwide.


The long term objective is to grow the business organically to enable people to escape the benefit trap associated with low paid employment, homelessness and living below the poverty line. 

Within the company, whether through the production of flags or ROOF or other textile goods, there will always be opportunities for those with the right attitude and skills to secure and retain employment in industry whether with us or with other dynamic businesses.

To achieve this last objective, we are building a strategy of continuous recruitment and training on our established track record of working with our established connections to allow us to be flexible and give staff confidence and autonomy to mutually support new recruits.


ROOF trainees undertake an eight stage training (EST) programme - on the principles of cut make and trim (CMT) textile product manufacturing process.  They are trained in the CMT of traditional sewn flags on the basis that 'if you can make a flag you can make anything' before graduating onto the higher value projects including the ROOF initiative.

On successful completion of the EST programme (which takes a minimum of two months to complete), the trainee achieves a level of skill needed to qualify for employment with ROOF.

In time the strongest trainees become the trainers.

From February 2019, ROOF will be an integral part of an new and unique Apprenticeship programme developed with Gower College, Swansea.  We plan on training a minimum of 30 people per annum.​


ROOF's specific goal is to enable people to build a better life for themselves. To be the helping hand for those who have become trapped in the cycle of homelessness. ROOF is made by people who have first hand experience of homelessness. They've been introduced to us by their case workers and have expressed a real interest in the opportunity ROOF offers them.

ROOF gives people the leg up to lead a self supported life of independence for themselves and their families. 

ROOF is an opportunity, a mission and a product.