Challenge Wales and ROOF

ROOF on the high seas

Our sister company sponsors the Challenge Wales yachts and we asked the Captain and his crew to trial the ROOF COATBAG onboard

Feedback on using ROOF

Challenge Wales used the ROOF coats several times on board Challenge Wales. On deck, the ROOF product was not suitable to be worn due to the life jackets that Challenge Wales has, each of which has two crutch straps. and meant that the life jackets couldn’t be secured in a safe way.  We weren’t able to use ROOF on desk on more than a few occasions for this reason. (Note - we are working to adjust the ROOF coatbag format to enable people with life jackets to wear them - watch this space!).

Wearing in the saloon area to stay warm: 3 young people (small – medium build)  used the ROOF coat on separate occasions below deck in the saloon area. This was when they were cold on deck and hadn’t brought sufficient clothes to wear to warm them up and needed an extra layer. They were able to relax in the saloon and used it as a method for keeping warm. ROOF kept them warm and they were comfortable wearing it and walking around down below deck. The trips when it was used in these occasions was in March.

Wearing it to sleep in: During April we had on two separate occasions people forget their sleeping bags on board the boat. They wore the ROOF coatbag solely as a replacement for a sleeping bag. The product served the purpose in these cases. The people were sleeping below deck in bunks, stayed warm and comfortable enough to sleep through the night.

Crew member trying it on: We had a couple of larger male crew members trying the product on. The feedback was that the wrist cuffs were quite tight making it a bit tricky to get on and slightly uncomfortable to wear. (Note - we have since adjusted the cuffs which are now made of flexible scuba fabric - retaining warm andd stopping water seepage into the sleeve).