Collaborators come on in


When designing and 'building' ROOF it was important to the mission that ROOF be an intelligent product.  UWTSD engaged with the idea immediately and have supported the team every step of the way.

The ROOF tech is a battery operated monitoring system wired into the skeleton frame of ROOF which gathers information of temperatures both in and outside of the coatbag, moisture and wicking levels, movement, friction and rub. This is all downloaded via bluetooth on a weekly basis and the data gathered to assist with the ongoing development of ROOF as a life saving garment.

Llamau ROOF coat bag

Llamau liaise with and coordinate regional and local charities (Caer Las and the Wallich) on the allocation of ROOF to homeless individuals. 

Each homeless person is given a ROOF to use as an intermediary solution while person-specific accommodation is arranged for them by the network of Charities.

Homeless people are entitled to accommodation through their local council but its not always immediately available.

Every homeless person has their own history, set of issues and needs.  Llamau handles the necessary pastoral care as they go through the ROOF training and employment programme.


Coleg Sirgar ROOF Coat bag


Since 2017 we have worked with 2nd year Fashion degree students on a live brief to develop ROOF in format, function and aesthetic.

Students have graded and scaled the ROOF prototype and adapted the basic ROOF format to fit a wide range of wearer needs including:  wheelchair users, pregnant women, parent with babe in arms, toddler, child, youth from XS to XXL.  

This continual design effort feeds into the development of the ROOF product format as we expand into new and exciting markets including Arctic and Polar wear, rescue services, an alternative to humanitarian aid distributed to war zones and natural disaster victims, road workers, farmers, outdoor workers and more.

The project is annually marked towards the students' degree grades and the top three students are offered work placement, training and sometimes employment with the ROOF initiative.

2nd Year Fashion students, live brief fashion show 2017 - click to view

2nd year Fashion students, live brief year end ROOF Client assessments 2018 - click to view


Unltd Roof coat bag


Supporting the development of social enterprise

In 2017, UnLtd gave Jo (designer and founder) £15,000 in the form of a GROW IT grant to support her financially during the development of ROOF and what they saw as an amazing social mission product and project. 

The money went into the production of prototypes, development of the now patented composite and allowed the project to accelerate to a point of solid infrastructure and platform from which to launch the social mission. 

Our heartfelt thanks go to Jane and her UK wide team who support projects like this.  We would not have reached this point as soon without that financial assistance.

Thomson Reuter Foundation ROOF coat bag

Protecting our Intellectual Property

It is crucial that we protect the uniqueness of ROOF, the composite textile and design format for the exclusive benefit of our social mission. 

The Thomson Reuter Foundation (Dentons) awarded ROOF invaluable membership and delivered the highest quality of Intellectual Property advice, construction and submission on the ROOF product application, all on a pro bono basis.

We are indebted to their team for their patience, perseverance and good humour in protecting our social mission interests. 

Gower College Swansea Roof coat bag

Level 2 Apprenticeship

February 2019 sees the launch of a Level 2 Fashion and Textiles apprenticeship delivered by Gower College Swansea in partnership with Red Dragon Manufacturing.  This will see the Company staff as students spending one day a fortnight at the Fashion and Textiles Centre while working on their personal development with the Company for professional accreditation.  

This opportunity is open to all Red Dragon Manufacturing and ROOF INITIATIVE staff.

Collaboration comes in many forms and we welcome all contributors and contributions, private or commercial.

When you join us, you'll be joining the list of collaborators who all believe ROOF to be a game-changer and worth their time and investment.  

We are seeking:

  • added value and intellectual investment

  • introductions to do-ers who will help us grow the business strongly and organically

  • collaborations

  • fabric and fixture manufacturers to partner with us on CSR and deliver this product to market with as much margin as possible for reinvestment in the end user and our employees

  • best business practice knowledge of supply chain, manufacturing practices and cost sharing

  • Trustee Directors to join our diverse Board, and

  • financial investment to support research and development of the product for multiple applications and markets.

​Our guarantee

We guarantee that everyone who contributes to ROOF will always be valued and included in all open days, news and adventures. Always.