Pay it forward & donations

Donate today and you'll be paying forward on the cost of making a ROOF COATBAG for a homeless person. 

Remember that it is the objective of homeless agencies to lift rough sleepers out of their situation and it may be that each ROOF will comfort many people in its lifetime and be passed onto the next person as each one moves on to accommodation.

As our programme grows and the more awareness there is of this project and product, so will the amount of homeless people we support in getting themselves back into the mainstream through training and employment with us and making ROOF itself.

    The ROOF COATBAG is available in sizes SML through to XL and we have graded and prepared for all sizes from babe in arms up to XXL. 

    We're using several different combinations of colours for the exterior and interior of the ROOF coatbag so we can gauge what the end users likes, so when you donate towards a ROOF coatbag it could end up being black with a khaki lining and orange zips or navy blue with silver lining and yellow zips. 

    Please scan the code below to pay it forward on a ROOF for a homeless person.  Every little helps and always appreciated.

    Pay it forward with a donation towards a ROOF coatbag for a homeless person