All about the ROOF COAT

Design and order your unique ROOF coat

We've researched the market comparing the value, unique selling points and price of every change robe / coat including DRY ROBE and every other change / all weather robe we can find.  We believe our ROOF coat is a game changer. 

ROOF is lightweight, comfortable, fully waterproof and machine washable.

It takes just as much energy and processes and fuel and fumes to recycle a fibre if not more (road miles, processing and more) than new stock already available on the market. When that changes as things often do over time, we will adapt accordingly, but for now we have to start somewhere and thats where we're at.

Our coats are beautifully individually made in the UK, NOT MASS MANUFACTURED, not 'assembled' not imported.  We cut make and trim every single ROOF coat here in the UK. 

The quality of our ROOF coat is second is to none - we know this because we've pounded the beaches and campsites and shopping centres and countryside events asking for feedback from people wearing what they've bought, asking them to compare what they have with what we're offering. 

We've created a modern classic to last a lifetime. ROOF coats don't have branding blazoned across the product only discrete ROOF logos for the curious and those in the know that ROOF coats represents a practical great looking product with a charitable conscience.

We have to cover our costs, we have to make a little profit to be able to make more ROOF coats and grow, and we're committed to raising funds from profit to pay forward on making ROOF COAT bags for the registered charity HOMELESS PEMBROKESHIRE to distribute to those who need them. We charge the set price as listed for every unique adult ROOF coat.  Its what we believe to be a fair price for the high standard of workmanship and quality of our product. It takes about two weeks to get your ROOF coat to you (UK onshore) - from point of order to shipment from our Swansea workshop.

Remember the design is A-line and loose. An XL for example fits a 6ft man or woman wearing XL clothes.

Any questions, please get in touch.