We're not here to undermine the need for social housing, we're not here to make life on the street so comfortable that a person wouldn't want to leave it (yes we really have received such comments....).  We are here to create opportunities for people living rough to get back on their feet, have the means to afford to live in decent long term accommodation, pay their bills and support themselves.  

While we wait for change to happen for the homeless through mainstream channels; while we wait for charities and their government funders to change the parameters within which they allocate money; while we wait for forward thinking decision-makers in government to see how terrible life really is for people so desperate they have to live their lives on the street, we will pursue our mission to provide every homeless person with a ROOF and the basic human right of warmth, safety and comfort. ROOF is so much better for mental and physical health and well-being than a flimsy tent, cardboard mattress and street vent and so much better than being invisible.

No matter what the official statistics say, homelessness is now a first world epidemic and its time to take positive action.

We are a South Wales based social mission business focused on educating, employing and enabling homeless people to build a better life for themselves and their families while making a humanitarian product for those in need.

The ROOF INITIATIVE trains and employs homeless men and women to manufacture a coat with integrated sleeping bag. These ROOF COATBAGS are then distributed back to those in need across the UK and beyond. 

Through training and steady employment we enable these individuals to elevate themselves from the cycle of poverty. Within the first few months of working with the ROOF INITIATIVE, every person has the ability to transition from the street or sheltered accommodation into secure and furnished housing; and have a bank account and the independence to start a new phase in their lives. 

The ROOF INITIATIVE focuses on enabling all team members with the confidence and skills needed for a more sustainable, financially stable and healthier life. 

We have trained and helped over 170 people on their way in the past five years and currently employ 10 with plans to take on more as demand for ROOF COATBAGS increases.  We are on track to manufacture and distribute as many ROOF COATBAGS for extreme weather wearers, whether consumers or homeless, as possible this year and beyond.

We distribute our ROOF COATBAGS wherever they are needed and with your support we can impact many through the jobs we create and the coats we make.