What is the ROOF COAT BAG

The ROOF COAT BAG is made differently to the ROOF COAT.

The ROOF COAT BAG is all weather urban coat with integrated sleeping bag. Quality guaranteed. Designed and made in Wales, UK.

Fully tested for water, fire and slash proofing, moisture wicking, safety to freezing temps (stats still pending). Sharps proof pockets, military grade strong zips and fittings.  Fully washable, lightweight, portable (converts to cross body bag format) and with a lifetime guarantee.

Optional patent pending integrated composite tested and life saving internal stab proof panels.

Available in sizes SML through to XL. Graded ROOF units from baby to babe in arms, pregnant woman, wheelchair user, elderly, toddler and disabled under construction. Customised ROOF design variations and colours available on demand.

ROOF coatbag technical drawing